Hand sanitizer + Infrared fast heat tester K-9 - new !!! For maximum safety

New!!! K-9 non-contact thermometer and disinfectant: – Two products in one. 

Quick tester( up to 50 people in a minute) and an electronic dispenser (without contact) for disinfecting the hands

• The disinfection of the hands at the entrance also shows the human heat

• When placing the hand, the sensor removes disinfectant and then the heat is also displayed

• Alarm beep in case of abnormal heat

European, American and Canadian standard: CE FC RoHs

• Accuracy ± 0.2 ℃

• Flickering and a normal beeping sound during operation and an alarm sound in exceptional heat

• Test distance 5-10 cm

• Disinfectant in a 1000 ml container

Option for mounting on a tripod (not included), screw, double-sided adhesive strips or nail

• One year warranty 

When ordering 1 unit up to 3 units – $140 per unit

When ordering 4 to 6 units – $134 per unit

When ordering 7 to 11 units – $121 per unit

For orders over 12 units contact us for a special price.

Discount for quantities – marketers are welcome

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